October’s Market, or Art and Other Oddities

From time to time, I make art… Sometimes I even get my act together enough to put it up for sale.

Obligatory Disclaimer: Due to the current vagaries of available budget, my shop options are limited, so I have to do some… creative jury-rigging… to make it work until I can afford to upgrade. I choose the path of “If you can’t fix it, feature it!”, and thus we have a small, rotating gallery of Featured Art available in the online shop. Now, this doesn’t mean that other pieces aren’t available, it simply means that if there’s a piece that you’re interested that isn’t currently one of the featured items, you’ll need to email me at octobersmarket@gmail.com and the transaction will be via invoice instead of a purchase button.

Please see the FAQ for questions about commissions, shipping, etc.

Gallery of Curiosities

"Minor Demaelian and Autumn Fehrworm"
“Minor Demaelian and Autumn Fehrworm”
A pair of Smol Monsters encountering one another as they go about their days.
Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper. 4″ x 4″
"The Encounter" in low light

“The Encounter”

Watercolor and ink, including glow-in-the-dark accents*, on watercolor paper. 4″ x 4″

*Glowing accents are painted with Stuart Semple’s “Lit”, so glowing is often visible in low light, as well as full dark, when charged.

Some Smol Monsters need no embellishment. Susan is a delight all on her own.
Watercolor on watercolor paper. 4″ x 4″
Mock Sea Bun, additional view
“Mock Sea Bun Gazing At Cactus, Disappointed That It Is Not A Sea Urchin” Mock Sea Buns are, to their annoyance, neither sea bunnies, nor even aquatic monsters, being desert-dwellers, instead.
Watercolor and ink on mixed media paper. 4″ x 4″
"One dwells in lonely places..."
“One Dwells In Lonely Places”
No one knows what The Watchers are. They simply are, watching from the Wood…
Watercolor pencil and ink on toned mixed media paper. 4″ x 6″.