An Assortment Of Inks

I started working on a new Smol Monster/Watcher painting this week, and came to the point in the process where I have to start thinking about whether I’m going to use watercolor pencils or paint, whether I’m going to outline in black or brown ink, or something else. I decided that I wanted to do a nice sepia outline, but realized that many of the details on this piece are particularly small and I don’t have a Micron pen in size 005 (extremely fine point). So, off to the craft store I hied myself to see if I could find one, or if I would have to order one.

I, um, came back with rather more than a single pen.


In my defense, the india ink and dip pens were *right there* and I’ve wanted to use them again for a while, and my old ink was drying out and well, then I needed cleaning solution, and something to use for an inkwell until I can get a real one, and then I needed storage for all of this, and….

I can’t be trusted around art supplies.

After dinner, I decided to do a quick test to consider the pros and cons and y’all, I find myself being somewhat perturbed. You see, I actually like the dip pen and india ink better. The problem with this is that the major con to this is the fact that there’s a reason we use contained pens these days, and that reason is that dip pens are a lot of work. You can’t just pop the cap off and on and walk away. There’s multiple parts to set up and then clean up, and you have to clean up, or you screw up your tools.

It’s so much nicer looking, though, for this piece. It wants more…rustic…looking lines, and the Micron wants to do clean, uniform ones. The particular shade of brown is a richer, nuttier shade that compliments the piece so much more.


Looks like I’m just gonna have to suck up the extra time and work involved, because dammit, I really like character and charm that the dip pen is going to add to this piece.

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