Spring Roads and Melting Snow

Back in the first days of January, 2020, I started a list page in my bullet journal titled “Places To See”, and started to fill it out with what was going to be places that I planned to visit and write about for the travel blog I was planning to formally do. I’d wanted to do something like travel blogging for years, and well, I had the time, the internet, and Patreon available to me, so dammit, it was time.

Yeah, that worked out well, huh? A+ timing.

It’s now almost a year and a half later and I’m just a few days away from being fully vaccinated (I’ve had both shots, and am now in the two week waiting period) now. I still have the time, internet, Patreon, and the original list. It’s going to need to be updated, but that’s a matter of a couple hours’ worth of research, and not a big deal. Hell, getting this site back up to date took longer than this will.

Of course, I’ve also got an actively raging case of agoraphobia now, and some New and Exciting Social Anxiety problems. I had the agoraphobia and social anxiety long before, but they’ve gotten A LOT worse in the last year and a half. It’s really hard to logic your brain’s hysterics down when it’s not actually wrong, for once. It really has been life-threateningly dangerous to leave the house or talk to people, and well, “it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you” and all that. So now I have to work on getting them back under control, on top of things.

Anyone could do it if it were easy, I guess?


I’m debating on whether or not I can get the brain weasels under a semblance of control before Memorial Day and, if so, taking a trip over to Yarmouth to finally check out the Edward Gorey House. The timeline is mostly because trying to get on and off the Cape after Memorial Day is a nightmare and even the damned Pandemic didn’t slow that down much. (Mutters something angry and incoherent about selfish assholes who couldn’t be arsed to sit their asses down for a few weeks, making this whole ordeal orders of magnitude worse for literally everyone else.) If I’m going to go, it’ll be easier to do so before Tourist Season starts, or wait until after Labor Day when they all go home.

I have to say, it’s both amazing and terrifying to be thinking about actually getting back on the road and Going Places. I haven’t been more than 20 miles from home in over a year, and while I love my home and my cats and my partner, OH MY GOD I NEED TO BE ON THE ROAD AND NOT STUCK IN THIS DAMNED HOUSE ALL THE DAMNED TIME.


I don’t do well being stuck in one spot for long. It’s not natural.

Guess it’s getting on time to see what roads are thawed out enough to travel on, which are washed out and gone, and which I’ll have to come back to later. It’s going to be good to grind the rust off and get some miles under my feet again, even if it’s going to be a while still before I can do any longer distance runs.

6 thoughts on “Spring Roads and Melting Snow

  1. it is POSSIBLE that I will be vaguely in your part of the world in a month, month anna half — shall I stock up on treats & sit in the front yard, toss you one every time you get a bit further outside?



  2. it is POSSIBLE that I will be vaguely in your part of the world in a month, month anna half … I could show up with treats, sit in the front yard, & toss you one every time you make it a bit further outside?



  3. Right there with you on the increased agoraphobia, sigh. Also why didn’t I know about the Edward Gorey house when I lived in S Yarmouth for an off-season fifteen years ago? Alas.

    I’m glad Outside is soon to be available to you again, even with all the fraught. I know how we both miss the road. Goodness do I.


    • It would have only been barely open at that point (it didn’t open until sometime in 2002), and with everything else in the region, it probably got lost between the ALL THE THINGS that is the stuff the tourists give a shit about and the “let’s pretend anything involving the Summer People doesn’t exist” that is the actual Cape residents.

      Yeah, I still have to be super careful, since Himself has another month to go before he’s up to vaccine code and I don’t want to chance bringing anything home to him, but sweet fishies, even short trips where I don’t have to be in terror of stopping to pee are such a weird thing to be looking forward to.


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