This Monster-Filled Life…

Apparently getting my first round of vaccination did manage to shake a bit of brain cells loose and once my arm stopped hurting (seriously, Day Two Arm Pain is NOT KIDDING) and the weirdly fluctuating headache and fatigue wandered off (mild, overall, but enough to make me want to do nothing more than eat soup and read), I’ve managed to reorganize my work table, restart an Auntie Yaga story (nightgaunts!  midnight runalong rescue! a cute and fluffy mock-wolpertinger!), and start a new piece of art.

I might also be working on a piece of interactive fiction based on a really neat portal fantasy dream, though I’m still trying to figure out how to present it.  I had to get a cork board to tack sticky notes to to track the paths…

I kind of also impulse-bought a new set of watercolor pencils that should be arriving tomorrow.  In my defense, the current ones I have are an old, cheap set that do well enough for what they are, but are probably not great in the lightfast department (meaning they’ll fade fairly fast), and there are only twelve of them.  The new set is professional-grade and there are 72 of them.  I am super excited!

Hope you all are well!

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