Comfort Food, Cranberry Bogs, and Travel Companions

Success!  After weeks of unsuccessful hunting I found flour!  I got two bags, because gods know when I’ll be able to find it again.

To celebrate, I made a pan bread for the first time in years.  It was a staple for Himself and I back during the Great Recession when we were dirt poor and living at a friend’s house, and it seemed fitting to bring it back these days.  It’s a good way to stretch bread out and you eventually end up with sourdough, without the waste.  It’s a win.

The base dough recipe from here, and is one of my favorites.  It really just take a couple of minutes to mix up, and then you’ve got dough on hand for days.  My pan bread is pretty much what it says on the tin.

Pull off a piece of dough, flatten it out,


heat a bit of butter and spices of choice in a non-stick pan (my favorite is Penzey’s Turkish blend) on medium,


place dough in pan, cover with lid


cook until a nice, golden brown on each side…probably 7 or 8 minutes, I think?


and voila, tasty pan bread.


I’ve been trying to get some art done, but my brain really has been a horror.  Plus, I lost about a week to making masks so that Himself and I could leave the house.  That was hard.  Not only do I only sew by hand, but it’s bad for the brain to be having to make PPE for your loved ones out of whatever scrap fabric you have on hand (in my case, a lot of fat quarter quilting cotton that was supposed to be used to make stuffed toys with) and hope your meager skills and this flimsy barrier will somewhat protect them.  (I don’t buy the idea that masks are only to protect other people, because if it’s considered protection for medical people, the same item on non-medical people has the same protection values, so yeah, I’m making stuff that’s purpose is to protect people, and that’s a LOT of pressure on me.)  It’s been A Week.  There were a lot of nightmares.

On the positive side, though, I took the truck out so that it doesn’t fall apart on me, and found myself on Cape Cod.  I didn’t cross the bridge in Bourne, so I stayed on the mainland, but I did go do some socially distant cranberry bothering.  I love the bogs and am sad that I don’t live close enough to wander near them as often as I’d like.


I realized after I left that I had Fester the Zombie Bunny in my bag on the seat the next to me, and that I should start bringing him along.  I suspect Jory (the Midgard Serpent who occasionally doubles as a scarf) and Archimedes (I think it’s an owl, but it looks kinda like a fish, too, so I have no idea) will probably want to tag along.  Look, it’s the Apocalypse and I have to find what amusement I can get out of it.

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