Breathing Room.

Thanksgiving is past, and with it comes a few days of breathing room for me.  A lot of October and November is filled with the wrapping up of LARP season until next spring, Halloween, birthdays, and Thanksgiving prep (and recovery), which leaves not a lot of time for anything else.  It’s a whirlwind season of Do All The Things.  Not gonna lie, this year has been extra hard, as family mortality has continued to be a recurring issue.  I lost the last of my aunts a couple of weeks ago, making it the fifth death in the family in just over a year.  I’m okay, strangely, but it is *hard* to keep walking when you just want to sit down in the path and just…not for a while.  I’m mostly tired.

I’m trying to use it as a motivator to live my life on my own terms, because we all come with an expiration date, and I really don’t want to get to mine and have nothing to look back on except a life dictated by others.  I’m terrified of that happening, and so, I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

So, what am I up to?  Trying to get writing again, like really back in practice on a daily basis, instead of haphazard moments grabbed when I can.  Art (such as I can, because kitten and wet paint do not make a great combination).  Considering overhauling my perk offerings and thinking about what I can offer that people might find interesting, balanced against my allergic reaction to paywalls and my physical ability to produce things.  Raising a particularly rambunctious and stubborn kitten.  Trying to find a side job to cover bills while I work on my own income streams.  That sort of thing.

Oisin has been Very Helpful with my writing, and by helpful, I mean holy cats he has Opinions on not having my undivided attention.  I swear, the furry wretch has an internal sensor that lets him know when I’ve got the potential for hitting a writing groove, and decides that Now Is The Time On Sprockets When We Bounce Off The Walls (and windows and furniture and our brother’s head).  This morning I got a whole three sentences before Kitty Parkour began!  At least he’s cute…

The very image of YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ME HOW DARE?!? (His big brother was trying to climb into my lap.  Oisin was dealing with some jealousy issues about the whole thing.)

One thing that did occur to me is that somewhere along the line, I forgot that slow art is A Thing, not just “how fast can I make X”, but just… take a week or two to paint a proper Foxentree.  That prints are not required, but that I can just make art to be sold as it is, original and one of a kind, and that that is okay.  I mean, I definitely want to do prints someday, and will photograph all of my work accordingly, but if there’s a delay in when prints vs. originals happen, that’s FINE. It is not necessary to do Everything RIGHT NOW.  I can slow the heck down and just do what I do, in the time it takes me to do it, and I don’t need to mass produce everything last week.

Surprisingly, once that dawned on me that that’s where my brain had gone, I was able to get back to the Foxentree I started a couple of months ago and get working on it again.

Capitalism is a trip, y’all.
Other than that, well, Winter in New England has formally arrived.  I don’t care what the calendar says, my yard is buried under 14 inches of snow.  I call that Winter.  Time for buttoning in for a bit, drinking endless cups of tea, and working on stories and crafts to pass the time until the spring, while trying not to lose what’s left of my mind in the dark and the cold and the dealing with having to wear shoes all the time.

The view out my work room window is really pretty, though.

What are your winter projects?

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