In Which Our Heroine Reverts To Childhood And Is Overly Excited About Silly Things

After much consideration, I’ve decided that I just don’t have the slightest desire or means to deal with shipping and packaging and fighting with printers at the moment, and decided to look into Print On Demand sites again.  I had a CafePress site aeons ago, but wasn’t overly impressed with the quality and then Life Happened and I shut it down after having made exactly one sale outside the two things I made (I have the only tote bag and coffee mug in existence of a Foxentree) from it.  So, after looking into current options, I decided to go with RedBubble, and went to set up an account so I could start working on getting some monsters and fish uploaded because HOLY CARP, Y’ALL, I CAN GET STICKERS MADE AND HOW COOL IS THAT?!?



So, funny story… I go to set it up, and it tells me that the username already exists, and I go to stalk them and find out who’s using my name, and um…so hey!  It turns out that back in 2013 I set up an account and never actually used it.  It also turned out that the email address I used for it belongs to an old website that I had at the time that’s been defunct for a while and it’s sort of hard to get a password reset sent to an email address that doesn’t actually exist anymore.


Luckily, my memory is really weird and I managed to actually remember the password and was able to get back in and update everything to current information.

Yes, it’s been 6 years.  Did I mention that my memory is really weird?  I have two settings:  remember EVERYTHING or remember NOTHING and I have no way to predict what’s going to get locked in and what’s going to get lost.  I can remember a password from 6 years ago, but damned if I can remember something that happened last month.  Brains, I tell ya…

Stickers.  Did I mention I can have stickers of my fishies and monster?  STICKERS ARE THE BEST!  9 year old me is screaming with glee.

Next project…figure out how to make the files so I can upload them to the site and start promoting that. Because you know you want stickers of ridiculous fish and silly monsters and maybe coffee mugs or something (and probably the Foxenwood, because the Foxenwood is adorable and you know you want prints of them and also my coffee mug’s handle broke off and I need to replace it).

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