A Thousand Paper Mousies

My life has been spent pretty much entirely on integrating cats.  We ran into a small issue where Oisin chased Torin (who is 15) so much that Torin’s arthritis flared up so much that a trip to the vet and pain medication was required.  After that, all interactions needed to be strictly supervised, and have you ever tried to keep a rambunctious kitten out of something?  They are FAST.  As a result, pretty much everything else has been taking extra time or got completely stalled for a bit, and I’m sorry.

Things are starting to settle down slightly, though, which is leaving me extra time to try and get things done finally.  Not much travelling, due to kitten, but I’ve got some jewelry pendants I’m working on, and will be testing the fixative/varnish on the prototype this week to see if that will make them water-resistant enough to be worn.   *crosses fingers*

I’m also learning how to make origami mice, because one of Oisin’s absolute favorite toys ever is crumpled up receipts, and while I don’t mind, I do sometimes need to have them not cat-chewed, and I’m not a fan of how easily the ink comes off.  Origami paper is a bit sturdier, and thus I’m making him paper toys that he can chew on and I don’t mind.

So far he seems to be a fan, though the first mousie is already been pretty mangled.  I’ve decided that if he ever gets his own social media site, I’m calling it “A Thousand Paper Mousies” because that’s at least how many of these things I’m going to be making to keep him appeased.  Also, it amuses me, because I am easily amused.

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