Haunted Dolls, Flower Bridges, and Smol Dooms

Everyone, say hello to Oisin, the littlest Adventure Kitten and newest member of the family.

He joined us about a week and a half ago, and is an adorable little handful.

Integration into the household has been going fairly well, as these things go, but massively time-consuming!  It’s been 15 years since his big brother, Torin, was a baby and he was a special needs kitten and not as rambunctious as this little one is, and I’d forgotten just how energetic kittens can be!  He’s super-sweet, though, when he’s not being a little furry jerk (the office has been renamed Fort Asshole, and he goes there when he gets too wound up and is just attacking everything).

He’s also being trained to be a leash-cat, which is a new kind of training for me, too.  Today we went to the park in town to get used to other people and Outside Noises for a few minutes (he’s still in the carrier when we go, because he’s not ready to be out on the leash yet).  He did really well, and got heaped with praise and snuggles, and then got chicken when we got home.  Eventually he’ll be able to go on Adventures with me, and we’re all looking forward to that.

Before he moved in, I went on a trip out to Western Mass. before the really nasty heat wave that came through, and stopped to check out the Bridge of Flowers out in Shelburne Falls, and it did not disappoint.   It made me wish I’d brought the DSLR with me, instead of just my smartphone.

Seriously, just look at this gorgeousness!

There was even a cat lounging at one end, so of course there was a small crowd of people hanging around and photographing him.  I mean, really, look at how ridiculously handsome he was!

On the way home, I stopped at a cute little antique shop and cafe that operates out of an old train station depot, because I’m a sucker for antique shops.  Being me, I always go investigate the little nooks and crannies and dusty back corners and, in doing so, found The Attic.

This is fine…I’m sure it’s not haunted at all up here…

Nope, definitely nothing possessed or anything…

I mean, come on…

Of course I had to go check out the train tracks, which clearly don’t have any kind of ghost trains that run in the middle of the night or anything…
Other than that, I’ve been painting little monsters and watercolor pencil and ink flowers, and working on getting Oisin and Torin integrated enough that I can work on the website and some other projects without having to keep such a close eye on them.  Torin is perfectly fine in my work room, but it’s not possible to kitten-proof it, so I can’t have Oisin in with me while I’m working until I can room-proof him.

There’s an art-related project in discussion at the moment, which I can’t quite share info about just yet, but will soon, once details get hammered out, but it’s SUPER EXCITING, Y’ALL AND I CAN’T WAIT!

Until next time, open roads and fair breezes, my friends!

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