One of the things I’ve been working on is being able to make prints of my art and also have the ability to sell them.  I’d originally planned to suck up my aggravation with Etsy and set up a shop there, but then they went and decided that, in addition to charging sellers a fee for shipping, they were ALSO going to start penalizing sellers for not offering free shipping.

Funny thing about Etsy.  It’s the online equivalent of a mall.  They don’t own the stores, just the building which they rent space out from.  This is basically like your local mall telling the stores that they set the stores’ prices or they’ll put them in the basement so no one can find them, which is a serious breach of HOW RETAIL WORKS.  (It’s also a form of extortion, so there’s that.)

Yeah.  Not going back.  That’s one “fuck you” to the sellers I’m not willing to deal with. Which put me in a rough spot because, well, at the moment I’m only making about $5/month, with a few dollars here and there from other revenue streams, and that’s not enough to cover the cost of upgrading my website to be able to add a storefront plugin. I had a credit on my account with them, and yesterday I got a 40% off on an upgrade email, the combination of which reduced the upgrade cost by about 50%.  I borrowed the money, because my pride is impressive, but my mama didn’t raise that big of a fool.

All of which means that, combined with the fact that we fixed my desktop computer so that it can handle having files downloaded onto it again and therefore I can do prints of my paintings and artwork, my current project for the next couple of days is updating to include a section for selling art and things directly from my own website.  

Stay tuned!  Exciting things are coming!

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