Art, Life, and The Inevitability of Finances


Recently I let go of an art project that I’ve been trying (and failing) to get off the ground because of well *gestures at the state of the world*. I hope to take it off the shelf again someday, because I really love October’s Market, overgrown craft fair and bastard child of faerie and goblin markets that it is. Sadly, though, the world is messing with my head in ways that make it all but impossible for me to work on it in the way that it needs to be, and so it was time to let it go. *insert overdone Disney song here* I’m sad about it, but sometimes you have to know when to put down the rock so you can pick up something else.

Which frees me up to focus on other art things and traveling more. Or well, maybe not as much travelling as I’d like, since my bank account ran out which has effectively stranded me on the side of the road, out of gas, in the middle of nowhere. *cue rolling tumbleweed and a hawk screeching in the distance*

Not to fear, though! I’ve been working on reworking how I paint some of the cute little monsters and ridiculous fish I love to paint, that make people smile, so that I can do prints of them (right now they have a LOT of metallic paint, which doesn’t print very well), and am also working on prototypes for possibly making some of them into stuffies, because who doesn’t want an emotional support monster to help you feel better when the world is scary? Plus I just got a commission for a batch of Evocations (a kind of bottle charm that I made for October’s Market that folks seem to like and I’m not going to object) to ship out…

I’d been planning on doing the selling of art and monsters on Etsy, despite my dislike of their business practices when it comes to how they treat their sellers, but last week they announced that they’re now going to start punishing sellers for not having free shipping, and just…I can’t… I haven’t been happy with them in a long time, but yeah, that’s straight up extortion, and I flat out refuse to do business with any company that charges as much as they do and thinks that they control my business decisions because I’m renting space from them. I will find a way to scrape together the cash to upgrade this site and add a shopping cart and things, so that I can just sell my art right from here, and the hell with it. It’s more expensive and more work on my part, but it’s better for my temper and sanity in the long run.

So, yeah. A little good, a little bad, a little “Well, now we try this road and see where it goes”…

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